Wellness Program

Take Control of Your Healthcare

At Advanced Physical Therapy, we want to give you more control over your health. This is why we are offering unlimited access to our Wellness Program.

Enjoy unlimited visits for an affordable monthly or yearly membership fee. With direct access to our services, you can skip the trips to the doctor’s office, saving you time and money.

Wellness Services:

Take care of your spine and it will take care of you! Our Spine Health and Maintenance program will keep you strong, flexible, and moving pain free.

Did you know that many people suffer from headaches that are misdiagnosed as migraines? Frequently, headaches are caused by postural, muscular, or joint problems. We can show you the right way to maintain balance and strength in these areas to prevent future headaches.

Through movement analysis and tailored exercises we can help you prevent future injuries in daily activities as well as sports. This is particularly helpful for people who have struggled with injuries in the past and adolescents.

Whether you’re looking to boost your overall athleticism or focus on a specific sport, working with a PT will improve your strength, stability and agility.

Train like a pro to improve your power and distance!

Our wellness program is perfect for those looking to improve their fitness, especially those who have dealt with injury in the past. Work with our therapists to create a fitness program tailored to you. Learn safe ways to get in shape and meet your fitness goals, with the added bonus of friendly accountability!

Losing input from our feet and having slower reaction times as we age, may lead to recurrent falls. Specific exercises will help regain upper and lower extremity strength. Good strength of the lower extremities helps prevent falls.

Don’t wait until you have an injury.

Be proactive and prevent pain before it happens.