Testimonials – What Our Patients Are Saying

Same Day Appointment

The staff at Advanced PT was great! The receptionist was very helpful and worked it out so I got a same-day appointment to see Dr. Evert. My back has been feeling much better even after just a week of exercises. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone struggling with back pain.

Abbigael S.

Pain for Over a Year

I would recommend Advanced Physical Therapy to all my friends and family! I have had neck and shoulder pain for over a year. It had been treated in the past, but never resolved. Dr. Evert took a thorough evaluation, worked out my shoulder/neck “kinks” and gave me exercises and stretches to help ease the discomfort but also prevent it from returning. He also followed up with me to see how I was doing!

Erin S.

Treated with Respect

I was treated with the utmost respect; the treatments I received were administered with professionalism and compassion. I was taught how to continue at home with easy to follow exercises to ensure no flare-ups. Dr. Evert and his staff are to be highly commended for their professionalism and knowledge.

Helga G.

Nagging Back Injury

I came to Ethan with a nagging back injury and he was able to provide me with some quick and effective treatment and even sent me home with some exercises that I could do on my own. I would definitely recommend going to see Ethan at Advanced Physical Therapy!

Zachary H.

Feeling More Confident

I’m training for the half marathon, but have had running injuries in the past, so I went in to get an evaluation on my form and performance. Dr. Evert was great, he was a runner in college, so he has a solid understanding of the mechanics. He gave me some exercises to help improve my strength and form. I’m feeling more confident in my training and don’t fear re-injuring myself.

Spencer G.

Ahead of My Goals

What a great therapist! Not only did Ethan keep me going and help me along, but he always managed to keep me a couple weeks ahead of my goals. I enjoyed the visits and personal care he and his staff shared.

Diane B.

Skilled Therapist

Ethan is a skilled therapist and even better person. I would highly recommend him and his team!

Tim W.

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